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There are several ways to find a stylist for you natural hair care needs on  Here are a few:

Visit our online directory:The directory located at sorts stylists by geographic location and services provided.

Select a stylist based on their work:

Place your cursor over the picture you like on our main page.  Then select the "i" icon and information about the photo will pop-up including who posted the photo and usually their contact information.  You can also visit the complete gallery by selecting "photos" at the top of the page.  The information appears directly below the photos when they are selected from the gallery.

Use the member advance search option:

Select "community" at the top of the page.  Then click on "Advanced Search" below the words "All Members".  "Advanced Search" will let you search by "City, State" and a "Company Type".  Select stylists or salons to find the profiles of stylists or salons in your area.

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Thanks a lot for sharing this information. I needed a hairstylist very badly.

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