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One of the most common complaints of getting locs done in the salon is the hate for the dryer. Clients will ask several times if thier hair is dry , annoying right?? Or they will get a style that needs to dry thoroughly and not care if it doesnt come out right just to get from under the dryer. Instead of allowing your work to be compromised we offer you some styling alternatives that will satisfy you both.

Double Strand Twists are a great alternative to just getting a retwist as they dont require dryer time and can be styled in various ways.

Her the hair was colored purple and turqoise on a few of the tips and double stranded with just two of the locs for each braid. you can also do any even number of locs of double strands. The amount of locs in each should be determined by the size of the krinkles your want (tight or loose) and the amount of time you as the stylist would like to spend on them.

Popcorn Twists are a great style for those that hate the dryer but also adds a great alternative to those that consider cutting thier long longer locs. The Popcorn Twists" are a great style however they are not to be done very often and when done properly the hair will stay twisted for about 3 mos. The locs will be twisted tightly and need time to puff back out so if you have a client who goes to the gym or has a lifestyle that keeps them out of the salon for months this is a great style for them. Also be sure to have your client hold the roots of their hair as this style can become very tight as you go.

Double Strands again are a great style for men and women who dont want to go under the dryer. this style takes about 2 minutes after finishing your double strands. it allows the locs to stay out of the way and still hang. just take edges from both sides and tie them in a knot similar to tying your shoes and go dont row by row making sure the ends of the prior knot are inside as you tie.

Cornrows in different styles are great . they dont require dryer time and if you dont put them under the dryer before you style the locs are much more flexible to so into all the different directions designer cornrows have always been able to do.

Loose Barrels 

These are great for clients who skip the dryer and want spiral curls. they are so versatile . they can hang or be curly like in this pic. to achieve this look. take sections of the locs as you twist and create barrels all over the head. if you would like to curl them just ball them up in your hands and hold the entire barrel for about 10 seconds. release and finger place your curls

Box Braids are awesome and quick. Here we twist 6 and then braid them as we make our way to the top of the head. The braids were then pincurled for this wonderful pixie look

Here is another pic with Loose Barrels. this entire style can be done without getting under the dryer. First twist the full head with clips.  Then start at the bottom and work your way up leaving the strands that will be in your basket in the clips until you get to the top. once done barrel twist the ends of the basket strands with the locs underneath your basket. oil scalp and done :)

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