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Dear Groove,

I have a few questions about ceramic fusion... What is difference between ceramic fusion and the keratin blowout treatment? Does it last through intense workout sessions?  

Best Regards,

Hi Chas,

Ceramic Fusion by RDG is a chemical-free styling alternative for coils, curls, and waves and provides optimal health benefits. The silky-smooth texture transformation evolves into manageable natural hair that is resilient and resistant to humidity and moisture. The 7-part system provides intensive hair care for chemically-altered, natural and transitional textures. Our healthy heat method prevents curl loss, protects from texture damage and infuses high levels of moisture into the hair. The step-by-step process utilizes a variety of hair cleansing and hydration techniques. Certified Ceramic tools assist in maintaining the hair’s integrity, making it possible to achieve thermal smoothing with maximum movement, fullness, body and radiant sheen.

Keratin is a protein found in hair, skin and nails. The outer layers protect the inner layers of keratin naturally. The chemical concept is attempting to artificially create a protective keratin layer. Great thought, however the damage defeats the manageability goal. Most keratin treatments are not chemical-free. My professional observations have revealed that the keratin chemical treatments rearrange the porosity, elasticity and texture of the hair. The moisture and strength loss creates breakage, dryness and density reduction.

Manageability is the number 1 goal for women who choose keratin treatments. However keratin treatments are not needed for manageability.  Hair only frizzes when there are cuticle and moisture deficiencies. The long-term benefits and results of a consistent hair care plan with Ceramic Fusion by RDG are incomparable  when health is the tool of measurement. Our goal is always the best hair possible.

Ceramic Fusion is also full of confusion and delusion. Utilizing ceramic tools is not necessarily what I consider knowing Ceramic Fusion. Heat damage can result from very low skill-sets and improper physical abuse of the hair. Nothing is worse than losing a curl pattern and having permanently straight “natural hair”. Unfortunately, with so many stylists and salons offering different versions of ceramic fusion heat damage does happen frequently. Be sure to choose an expert for color, design and texture transformation with heat.  Interview your potential stylist and ask to see examples of their work.

For me Ceramic Fusion is an area of passion when it comes to natural hair care because "understanding how to properly care for hair with heat is misunderstood" by consumers and professionals alike. However, the truth about healthy hair care is available and the Global Groove team's mission is to share the our knowledge with both consumers and professionals. Chemical-free, natural hair care is always the best option when your professional partner is an expert.

Peace, Love, & Ask Groove!

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Comment by Robin D. Groover on January 12, 2012 at 12:09am

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