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Nowadays, women can dye their hair at will (and many of them do). The worst result it achieves is when some man laughs and says, "Good gosh, woman - what have you DONE?"

I've had my hair tinted (that's a euphemism for when you've changed its color), and although I don't do it now you never can tell when I might begin again.

In my modelling days my hair was as light as a palomino pony, and if there are any old bearded photographers around who remember those long-ago years and who think my crowning glory was natural I want to set them straight.

I don't think any of them thought that, though. Their customary opening gambit when I'd turn up for a photography session was, "Say, C.J., who does your hair? It looks awful."

When you make your hair light blond you're having it' bleached a great deal, and I warn, here and now, that if you go on and on with this sort of thing pretty soon you'll have hair that will resist permanent waving. The hair over a period of time can become dry, brittle, lifeless, and pretty rough to handle.

One English dermatologist, a man named Moynahan; says flatly that excessive bleaching after a while will make a woman's hair "an aesthetic and dermatological mess."

But, Mr. Moynahan, it's such fun to do, sometimes!

These days the new vegetable-dye rinses are enormously popular, and it's pleasant to report that they're generally harmless. The catch with a vegetable-dye rinse is, of course, that it must be used pretty often if you want your hair to stay the same shade.

Commonly, rinses incorporate lemon juice, vinegar, and acetic acid. Lately, antiseptics such as quaternary ammonium compounds have been put into the rinse, and now and then henna or chamomile is added for tinting.

Rollers are the answer to the softly waved, loose hairstyles that look fashionable and youthful. For shoulder long to 2in. hair there's a roller for every length and style. The whole trick is knowing the right size roller for your hair-length and how to roll your own.

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Roller sizes

Very curly, heavy hair should always be set on the large, queen-size rollers to remove unwanted kink and to straighten yet wave the hair. If you want large, deep waves and your hair is shoulder-length large rollers are for you, too.
If the sides and crown are short you'll want medium to small rollers for a finner wave. For the short neckline curls, where you want body and support for the top waves, use narrow little rollers.

Some rollers have inner brush cores that grasp the hair ends nicely and are specially easy for novices to work with. Those with little teeth also secure ends firmly.

For sleeping more comfortably - and I've tried every roller style there is to discover a more comfortable way to pillow my head at night - most girls prefer the plastic mesh rollers. At first they feel as though you have rocks attached to your head, but the plastic ones seem more springy.

Be sure to have an assortment of roller sizes for your hair. Lay all the rollers out in position before you start setting, the big rollers for top waves, the smaller ones for sides, and so forth.

Using a rat-tail comb, part your hair in sections. Don't wind too much hair on each roller.

Smooth rolling of end hairs will assure you of the results you seek. Don't bend them under or have extra stray ones belonging on another roller tucked onto your roller. Cotton wool or end-roll tissues help to place the ends neatly and flatly onto your roller, and for short lengths are really a must.

Don't roll quickly. Take your time and make the hairs follow a smooth pattern on the roller. Fasten roller to your head firmly.

Careful brushout

Because rollers are mainly open-work mesh, hair dries wonderfully soon. Unpin the rollers gently by careful unwinding.

Brush, don't comb, your hair. Brush from the under part of your hair, up and out, then softly from the crown down. Because you've set them by plan, your waves will fall into place.

Brush thoroughly without worry that you will remove the wave, and comb set your hair in its final style. Spray all over your head with little short spurts for longer wave life. Hold your hair-spray container about 8in. from your hair when spraying.

Double-check the rear view of your style in the mirror. No coif can be labelled a success unless it's as pretty going as it is coming. Your three-way mirror will help you leave a pretty last impression on everyone.

Practice makes perfect, and in no time you'll find roller-setting second nature with you.

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