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Rockafro Natural Hair Designs: 3rd Annual Vision Board Party

It all started with a variation of the kids game Connected.  

Each person shared characteristics about themselves and people who shared the same characteristics had to speak up.  A string was passed from person to person until the entire group was connected.  The room was filled with a variety of women, students, retirees, entrepreneurs, moms, and more but in the end we were all connected.

Kamona Roberson, the CEO and Founder of Rockafro Natural Hair Designs, hosts a vision board party every year.

"The reason I put on the parties is to inspire other people to dream big and reach their future goals.  Every person has a different experience and they are also an inspiration for me to become better at what I do.  My business is a testimony that you can use tools such as a vision board to help find your purpose and use your God given talents to serve others.  That is my vision for myself and others."

This year, after the Connected ice-breaker, Kamona and her team made a presentation that not only explained vision boards but also provided inspiration with a quote from Historian Dr. Runoko Rashidi, a clip from Micheal Che's latest standup, as well as work from Spoken Word Artist Prentice Powell.  Kamona's presentation let everyone know they were in a safe space and free to be unapologetic about who they are and what they feel.

The presentation led right into the business of the day, creating vision boards.  Each table was stocked with scissors, magazines, pens, and glue sticks.  Each person was provided a clean sheet of paper to fill with the vision of future.  And that is just what they did.  

After about forty-five minutes Kamona began calling on people present what they had, visions of new homes, new mates, new attitudes, and new beginnings.  Each person's vision of their future was different, yet somehow connected.

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