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(Beauty, Love, and Artistry with Cuts and Kinks)
“Cutting Away Limitation and Locking a Legacy”

Team BLACK is a network whose time has come. Renowned lock stylist Thando Kafele founded this brainchild, but the weight of this revolution rests on the total of five trailblazers in the hair care industry. The collective was founded in 2010 after observing the growing complacency and individualism in the industry. Propelled by the desire and talent to make a difference, these five extraordinary stylists (with home-bases in different states) decided to be the change they wanted to see. They have forged a bond with the shared commitment of providing mentorship to professionals new to the hair care industry, as well as elevating the conversation forward for the whole—with cutting edge techniques, standard curriculum, and honoring a legacy. More than just business colleagues, these teammates are family—sharing moral support, even helping each other to secure business. In a time where every stylist just for self seems to be the rule, Team BLACK is the exception.

J. Valentin, The Super Star

  • Founding Owner of Who's Next Barbershop, Lancaster, PA (6 years)
  • Founding Owner of Who's Next Barbershop, York PA (2 years)
  • 1st Place, New York Barber Battle (1 & 2; 2010, 2011)
  • Manic Panic Representative

J is a family man whose dreams of barbering started at the tender age of twelve. Upon getting a haircut one day and realizing the transformational impact it had on him, he pledged to dedicate his hands to changing lives one cut at a time. A backdrop of visual artistry translates into the showmanship and creativity of the cuts and color he does. This husband and father of one sites family as the main key to his success. He is Team BLACK!

Folami, The Heiress

  • Manager of Locks 'N Chops, 34th Street, NYC & Brooklyn
  • Creative Director for Locks 'N Chops Presentation; Transcendence Show, 2010
  • Stylist for Danielia Cotton Album
  • Hair for Essence and Lucky Magazines

Folami is a third generation stylist; notably the daughter Orin Saunders, co-founder of the longstanding hair institution Locks 'N Chops . Born into a tradition of exhalation of natural hair, she not only has a deep seeded passion for maintaining the legacy, but the drive to create industry standards that will propel natural hair into the global conversation. This Anthropology Major sees the direct connection between history and how hair tells its own story. She is Team BLACK!

Queen Roshae, The Queen

  • Founding Owner of Napps, Kinx, and BB's Urban Day Spa
  • Featured stylist in The Knotty Truth, one of the first full natural hair curriculum text books
  • Platform Artist and Educator for Mango Lime products
  • Founder and Producer of “Tribute to the Black Man,” a client appreciation celebration (in conjunction with The National Urban League)

Queen is a mother of five and a matriarch in Natural Haircare . As founder of the first Natural Haircare Salon in Columbus Ohio, this licensed cosmetologist since 1989 has been ruling for over twenty years. A respected community leader, she has a passion for making a difference. Generosity, grace, and commitment are at the forefront as she bridges the gap between major community organizations like The YMCA Family Shelters and the Natural Haircare community. She is Team BLACK!

Simone Hylton, The Trendsetter

  • Natural Trendsetter Salon, Dade County
  • Natural Trendsetter Salon, Browers County
  • Natural Trendsetter Salon, Palm Beach County
  • Founder & Producer of Natural Trendsetters Natural Hair & Beauty Show (1997-2007)
  • Head Stylist on Pantene Total You Tour (2002-2007)

Simone is a mother of four whose talent in natural hair started as a revered neighborhood braider when she was teen. A licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years, she is committed to taking the Natural Hair Industry to the next level—out of the kitchen to creating Beauty Branding as the standard! This Psychology Major takes her love for working with people and translates it into uplifting clients and more. She is Team BLACK!

Thando Kafele, The Legend

  • Owner of TK Salon, Brooklyn
  • Senior Stylist of Locs N Chops
  • International Spokesperson for Jane Carter Hair Solutions
  • Celebrity Stylist i.e. Lennox Lewis, Manny Ramirez
  • Major Features in Braids and Beauty and Ebony magazines
  • A key stylist for the coffee table book Authentic Hair

Kafele has been in the Natural Haircare for over fifteen years and he is well respected amongst the industry. Under the tutelage of master legend Ademole Bandele and Orin Saunders, Kafele took the  “comb technique” and pioneered it to the world. This internationally recognized stand-out at many mainstream hair shows has transcended the Natural Hair Community. He was among the first lock stylists at the IBS Show, The Premiere Show, and long-standing Bronner Bros. Show. This legend has produced various branded products and is one of the most published and awarded natural hair stylists in the game—responsible for some of the most memorable Natural Hair Presentations. He is Team BLACK!

*This is a not a complete list of Team BLACK's accomplishments, but rather a brief highlight of the range of these dynamos.

Team BLACK on Team BLACK:

“When I competed in NY, Kafele was by my side and it felt great 'cause I had a teammate there. That's the difference with Team BLACK—we're there for each other.”—J. Valentin

“I wanted to be a part of a progressive team that was committed. I want natural hair to be a household conversation—touching people around the world.”—Folami Saunders

“I am a member of Team BLACK to gather strength and mobilize in expanding the Nappy Revolution—beyond styling hair.”—Queen Roshae

“Team BLACK is a collective of hair professionals raising the bar for the Natural Hair Industry. We are an entity that can enhance any production. We can be behind the scenes in terms of beauty, hair, and makeup. And we can be on the front end because we know how to showcase our talent in an entertaining way.”—Simone Hylton

“What's missing is lack of community in the Natural Hair Community. Team BLACK is the love that's needed. I love my team.”—Thando Kafele

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We are looking forward to having the Team Black hair showcase during the February ANHC Pro Breakfast networking session.


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