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What Should I Do With My (Natural) Hair?

What should I do with my hair, Chimere?

I get this question at least once a day. And my question for you is, “What would you like to do with your hair?”

The question stems from not knowing what to do with the mixture of permed and natural new growth. And I totally understand. But ladies, we have to come up with some ideas. As a natural hair stylist, there’s a few categories I use when decided what will fit my client’s personality. (and since you are yourself you’re already one up on me!)

Is my client very professional? Works in a corporate office, an educator, etc. If this is the case then they’ll love perhaps updos or twist sets (straw sets) Even within this category, things aren’t so black and white. There are some grey areas because the “corporate america” look is changing fast. More offices are excepting this “look” (funny right?) And so I always ask my clients what’s the story with their office. Is the big boss cool with a straw set tomorrow morning? Or will you have weird looks.

To some this may sound ridiculous—but it’s true. This happens. I’ve been pulled in the office in a previous corporate job by another African American older woman to tell me that I’d look better with a perm. (cough) Yep.

funky natural hair styles

Natural Hair twist on Alicia Key's style in Empire State video

Is my client funky, artsy, wants something someone hasn’t had before? Sometimes I love looking in a magazine like Glamor and change a white girls hairstyle into a chic natural hair style. For so long, I’ve been close minded to the world of Vlogging and Blogging. Just this year, I’m realizing the online natural hair community is humungous! So for those untraditional funky fly do’s— look around the web to jog some ideas.

There’s plenty of Vloggers (my favorite Naptural85) that help you along the way on how to do the style their flaunting.

natural hair lady straw set

Straw Set great transitioning style

“What to do with my hair?” really depends on you. If you have combination hair because you’re transitioning then I suggest sets such as straw sets, braid sets, bandtu knots, and rod sets. As a week goes by the set will look great because the roots are thick and your ends are all curly and juicy! Perfecto! If you’re doing your own set, I advice you to make sure your hair is dry completely before styling!

If you’re not sure what to do with your hair, ask yourself this:

Why am I natural? Was it to achieve a goal? To stop chemically treating my hair? To get my hair to a certain length? To love myself more?

Going natural didn’t and doesn’t have to be tragic train reck! You can still maintain the same level of beauty as you did before. If you feel you can’t, then you’ll have to do some self searching. This is your natural hair. It is you. And it is about you loving you. And finding out who you are. If you’re still sexy with natural hair…… the dern thing!

I love the fact that we can learn from one another via the internet. It’s a great resource.

My point of this entry is to jog your memory as to why you decided to become natural. Not to chastise. I give you props for even getting this far!!!!

The client/stylist relationship is so prevalent too. In my perspective, the stylist is the Art Director and the client is the Creative Director. Oh wait—-not everyone went to school for Advertising. The stylist overseas a style can be done and gives suggestions. Consulting will be your very best friend if you’re not sure what to do with your hair. Your stylist should understand your personality, lifestyle, and expectations. This makes for a great relationship between the two of you.

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